Single Mom Travel Story

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Rosemary & Hugo

CoTripper single mom travel story

There are days when I think I’m crazy. When we’ve been on the go for 30 knackering hours, the backpack seems heavy when also carrying an exhausted toddler. The accommodation is still half an hour away using two buses in the midday sun because we’re saving money, in a country we can’t speak the language. My aforementioned toddler realizes he needs the loo as soon as we get on, so we have to haul all the bags off the bus. Meltdowns are either close or happening on both sides.... well... those days are when I wonder if I’m crazy.... but craziness happens everywhere, we just have our crazy days on the road, in new places...

CoTripper single mom family travel story

Then come many, many more days where we drink tea together by a camp fire, when we swim in a new ocean, when Hugo gets to have a go at driving in the desert, and then talks about it for weeks after. When he rolls in snow for the first time and realizes it’s rather cold, when his face lights up when we find a new food we love, or he gets a ride on a moped. When he recognizes kids singing songs he knows in another language, and sings his version for the rest of the day. When I realize how strong a relationship we’re building with each other, even as we overcome the crazy days. Those are the days when I realize it’s worth it. Yes it can be hard work, yes sometimes I fancy a break but can’t have one, yes it would be nice to think less about the budget..... but no I wouldn’t change it for the world! Doing something I love doing, and sharing it with Hugo, watching him grow up all over the world, is the best way for me to be ‘mummy.’ 

CoTripper single mom family travel stories

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