With January in the books and goals set for making the most of the new year, your 2023 travel bucket list isn’t complete without knowing who to hop on a flight with! Whether you’re planning to travel with the kids this summer or take the girls trip you’ve been putting off, this is your sign to commit to traveling as a single mom.  

February will exude a magical yet easy going energy that will encourage you to dream about fulfilling your fantasies near and far. Loving connections are written in the stars, so consider February thee month to find your perfect travel companion. We’ve got deets on the best sign to travel with as a single mom, you’re welcome!  

Aries Rising/Sun

Are you ready for an adventure, Aries? As an excitable fire sign, you’re the single mom who can handle it all on the go while making magic for yourself and the kids. February has the potential to bean exciting month since luck will be on your side, so you may feel inspired to surprise the kiddos with a last-minute weekend getaway. Ask Leo to join since this will be the best zodiac sign to go on vacation with as your vivacious energy will complement the lion’s desire for fun!

Taurus Rising/Sun

Girl, it’s time to go beyond your usual comfort zone! Taurus, you tend to play it safe with your vacations since you like to stick to something tried and true. But there’s something electric in the air throughout February that might be the momentum you need to take risks. You could end up in a totally new destination or take your kiddo on an intriguing excursion that will expose you both to trying new things. Call up your favorite Cancer to go on vacation this month. You won’t regret it!

Gemini Rising/Sun

It might be time to book your staycation, Gemini. Now that the school year is back in full swing post-winter break, you and the kids may need a mini getaway. And know, you don’t have to go far to have fun! Staying local can be exciting, splurge on on a luxurious hotel because you and the kids deserve it! See if Libra is available to be your cotripper in February since going on vacation is the perfect time to catch up on juicy gossip and drink wine while the kids play.

Cancer Rising/Sun

Daydreams of crystal-clear blue waves and soft, white sand will be on your mind throughout this month, Cancer. Although you tend to be more of a homebody, you may feel like it’s time to take your kids on a mystical trip! February will be a magical month that may inspire you to look into tropical paradises since the sun and sea will be calling your name. You won’t have to think twice about who to go on vacation with since the sweet and stable Taurus will be the obvious choice. 

Leo Rising/Sun

New adventures are on the horizon in February! Girl, prepare to be inspired to explore faraway places and to courageously dive into new experiences. But your kids may need a little coaxing, so spark excitement by setting the tone of the trip. As a fierce lion, your enthusiasm and confidence will surely inspire your kids to take these leaps of faith on vacation with you! If you want an equally bold zodiac sign that will amp up the excitement to tag along on vacation, then invite the fiery ram, Aries.

Virgo Rising/Sun

Girl, nobody works harder than you do! As a hardworking earth sign, you may need the reminder to make time to enjoy some family fun on vacation. You and the kids are overdue for a break away from everyday life. February’s mystical vibe will heighten your imagination as you dream of going away on your next trip with the fam. Consider this your cosmic cue to embrace the getaway magic with the magical fish, Pisces. Between you, Pisces, and the kids, you'll never want the vacation to end.

Libra Rising/Sun

Don’t hesitate since February is the perfect time to go away, Libra! As the sign of the scales, you tend to be the single mom who carefully weighs the pros and cons of taking a trip. However, the cosmos' vivacious vibe may inspire you to pull the trigger on booking your next flight, spontaneously agreeing to travel plans, or committing to an excursion that the kids will undoubtedly love. Enjoy your getaway trip with Gemini, who will encourage you to live in the moment and to go with the flow.

Scorpio Rising/Sun

Scorpio, it’s time to transform your means for fun and pleasure in February. Girl, you and the kids might be ready to take a break from your usual routine with work, school, and more. An unexpected but intriguing opportunity to go on an unusual vacation may arise, which could be just what you need! The grandparents or even a family friend could become part of your travel plans. If you’re looking for a responsible but fun zodiac sign to take with you, then earthy Capricorn would be the perfect fit!

Sagittarius Rising/Sun

Adventure is calling your name, but will you answer the call, Sagittarius? You’re the fun-loving single mom who doesn’t think twice when the opportunity to travel or explore arises. Prioritizing new, enriching experiences is what makes you such a fantastic role model to your kiddos since you inspire them to go beyond their travel comfort zones. So, you’ll need an equally open-minded cotripper who won't be afraid to try something new and daring. You can count on the eclectic water-bearer, Aquarius, to be down for everything you have in mind!

Capricorn Rising/Sun

Balancing it all ain't easy, Capricorn, you might be overdue for a vacation. You’re like the CEO of single moms since you’re the zodiac sign who can do it all. Consider taking a vacation as the next item on your to-do list since you and the kids might be ready for a trip. February is an excellent month to research your options, like cross-referencing the best kid-friendly places to stay or reading reviews on fun excursions. You can count on the resourceful Scorpio to help plan the trip.

Aquarius Rising/Sun

Expect the unexpected this month, Aquarius. Out of all the zodiac signs, you’re the single mom who handles life's curveballs with ease. So, don’t be surprised if a family member or family friend unexpectedly offers help that'll make taking a trip easier, take the help. Once you’ve worked out the details with your village, invite a Sagittarius to join you on vacation. The courageous archer will amplify your spontaneity by being right there with you to try new things while exploring new destinations!

Pisces Rising/Sun

Are you ready to sail away, Pisces? You and the kids will be dreaming about everywhere you could go or all the things you could do throughout the magical month of February. Since the cosmos are positively enhancing your money matters, you may come across a deal that’s too good to pass up or may find some extra cash to put towards your dream vacation. But you will still need to plan accordingly, so link up with Virgo since you may need this organized earth sign’s help with making plans.