As March ushers in Women's History month and we celebrate National Single Parent Day, divine feminine energy is everywhere! The astrology of National Single Parent Day is undeniably uplifting as the new moon in Aries opens a new cycle of independence, courage, and enthusiasm. As the lunation fuels everyone’s self-assuredness, March brings the ultimate celestial reminder that single moms are damn good parents. There’s a draw to shift the narrative of single motherhood and now is the time!

The astrology of March is highly anticipated as two outer planets finally end their long transits. At the beginning of the month, Saturn will enter Pisces, shifting collective focus toward altruism, intuition, and spiritual alignment. Later in the month, Pluto will enter Aquarius, activating the beginning of a new transformative period as we are encouraged to tap into our individuality while supporting the greater community. Altogether, March is the month of collective change - embrace it!

Aries Rising/Sun

Aries, you’re practically unstoppable all month long! If anyone can power through the initial soulful, emotional energy of March, it’s you. This is the month to say “goodbye” to unhealthy habits or routines since you're not about to be held back from being the best mom that you can be. As you embrace a more hopeful mindset, you’ll notice a more intuitive approach while you and your kids find the magic in your day-to-day life. By the end of this month, you’ll feel incredibly confident when your astrological season begins.

Taurus Rising/Sun

Girl, it’s time to reach out to your community! Taurus, the old saying, “it takes a village” will ring true throughout March. You might be dreaming of all the things you could say to your friends on and offline, near and far. It’s time to reconnect with your community, you are especially craving support from fellow single moms. Making time to talk to or see your friends will surely alleviate your stress. Plus, you could even take the kiddos with you since your hangout could double as a playdate.

Gemini Rising/Sun

Look at the beautiful life you've created with your kids, Gemini. March will be an emotional month as you reflect on where you started vs where you are now with your family. It’s not easy being a single mom, but you're the queen of making the best of it for you and your kids. The astrological energy of this month will encourage you to take pride in all that you have accomplished, created, and done for your family. If anyone deserves the best mom award, it’s you!

Cancer Rising/Sun

How do you feel about your commitments, Cancer? As a single mom, it might be challenging to focus on your past times or love life since the kids always come first. But March will be your cosmic cue since the stars are aligning in your favor to bring more love, pleasure, and joy into your life. You may feel like it’s time to put yourself first, especially if you want to focus on your hobbies or if you want to give dating a whirl. Loosen up and have some fun!

Leo Rising/Sun

Who will you lean on, Leo? As the queen of the jungle, you don't like to let your guard down since you want to be the cool, confident mom. Although you have what it takes to handle anything, you may still feel a little rattled throughout March since your love life will become a significant focal point. Everyone deserves love - including you. But finding love can be challenging to prioritize with the kids, work, and everything else. Although making time for dating might be stressful, it could also be worthwhile.

Virgo Rising/Sun

March is the month to go with the flow, Virgo. You’re usually the mom with a step-by-step plan and color-coordinated schedule to keep your household on track. But it might be time to try a semi-structured routine instead, especially if you feel inspired to see if a more intuitive approach would work for you and your kids. Although it might be out of your comfort zone, there may be more fulfilling opportunities for you and your kids to experience when you embrace a flexible yet responsible approach to everyday life.

Libra Rising/Sun

It’s not easy being a single mom, Libra. The last few months may have tested you, which could have resulted in more stress or anxiety than usual. Find your inner zen at the beginning of the month by using mantras to affirm what an awesome mom you are! Throughout the rest of the month, you may feel like you’ve found your balance once again since the cosmos will be ushering in new, uplifting cycles. There won’t be any doubt that you and your kids will experience more positive, magical vibes.

Scorpio Rising/Sun

Get ready for major changes with your family, Scorpio! You’re the single mom who can get through whatever life throws your way, come hell or high water. Tap into this admirable quality since the astrology of March will turn a new leaf in your home life. You may feel like you’ve initially lost your sense of control, but don’t worry! This is just another phase of life that you’ll get through. By the end of this astrological chapter, you and your kids will come out better than ever before.

Sagittarius Rising/Sun

Timing is of the essence, Sagittarius. As March begins, you may feel more nostalgic as you reflect on your child’s growth. You might catch yourself looking at old pictures of when your kid was a baby or talking more about things that your kiddo used to do when they were younger. It might feel like time is slipping through your fingers since you’ll marvel at how much your child has grown emotionally, mentally, and physically. Although there might be waterworks, focus on creating wonderful memories with your kids in the present.

Capricorn Rising/Sun

Expect to breathe a sigh of relief this month, Capricorn. For the first time in a long time, you may finally feel like the weight of the world is off of your shoulders. It can be challenging to loosen up as a single mom, especially with everything that's going on in your life and your kid’s life too! Luckily, the astrology of March will encourage you to feel more empowered and in control than ever before since you have overcome some of your biggest obstacles, especially in motherhood.

Aquarius Rising/Sun

Are you up for the challenge, Aquarius? After the last few years, you may feel like a totally different person and parent. Although March’s astrological forecast predicts some relief coming your way, you will still have to undergo another period of radical transformation. You might have a vision of the type of mom and person you want to become. So, think of the cosmic energy as a push in that direction since you have the potential to rise above in all areas of your life particularly in the area of self improvement. 

Pisces Rising/Sun

Picture the type of mom and home life that you want to create, Pisces. You’re a dreamer, the single mom who believes in happily ever after and magical energy because you know anything is possible. The astrological influences throughout March will heighten your imagination since you’ll be wishing and visualizing the type of mom and home life you will eventually have. But as the old saying goes, “be careful what you wish for”! Focus on manifesting positive changes in your home life and keep your stress at bay.