The astrology of April 2024 will be incredibly chaotic! There will be two main astrological events to watch out for. What do the stars have in store for single moms?

Beginning on April 1, Mercury will station retrograde in Aries. Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing problems with communication, technology, and travel. Since this will occur in fiery Aries, you may have to watch your temper when Mercury retrograde issues arise. The next major event will be the new moon total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8. New moons begin a new six-month cycle, and the eclipse energy will cause fated yet unpredictable events to unfold. Take note of what comes up three days before and after this powerful lunation to gauge what may happen over the next six months. Finally, the retrograde chaos should subside since Mercury will station direct in Aries on April 25. At least the month ends on a high note!

Aries Rising/Sun

You know who you are, Aries! There may be times when you feel like you’ve lost yourself navigating single motherhood. If you’ve been hoping to find yourself again, April might be the month to do it. The upcoming Mercury retrograde could help you feel like your old self. You could use this retrograde to revive your old sense of style or pick up an old hobby that you had pre-kids. Use this time to connect with who you are outside of single motherhood. A few months down the line both you and your kids will be happy you did.

Taurus Rising/Sun

How do you handle the highs and lows of being a single parent? April might be tougher than usual, which could be initially alarming, Taurus. Try not to fret since this month may present more internal battles than external struggles. With Mercury retrograde coming up, you may notice a subtle yet powerful shift in your mental health. Everything falls back on you as a single mom, and this can be a lot to handle. You may need to work on your coping mechanisms throughout this month to maintain your sanity.

Gemini Rising/Sun

Some of your friends might not be your ride or die friends, Gemini. Having a village as a single mom is so important. After all, your community can help lift you up and is important for your family. However, the upcoming Mercury retrograde will show you some people’s true colors and intentions. Your kids might even go through something similar with their friend groups at school. Given the situation, you may have to make a choice between mending the connection or letting go. Do whatever is best for you and your family.

Cancer Rising/Sun

Are you experiencing mom guilt, Cancer? As a hardworking single mom, you have to deal with a lot! As April approaches, you may have to make some tough decisions that will impact your work-life balance. There could be times when you may feel guilty for sacrificing family time for a work opportunity and vice versa. Instead of holding your feelings in, you should use the upcoming Mercury retrograde to talk about how you feel. Don’t be afraid to open up to your loved ones about your work-life balance struggles.

Leo Rising/Sun

Spring vacations might be kind of crazy, Leo! Traveling as a single mom does have its challenges. But this might be more stressful than usual since there will be a Mercury retrograde in April. Mercury retrograde is notorious for impacting travel, so you might need to be extra careful. Start with making a list of everything you need and compiling your itinerary. Giving yourself these organizational tools will help you navigate some of the initial stressors of traveling with your kiddos. Try to enjoy the rest of your trip!

Virgo Rising/Sun

Tax season could be kind of chaotic, Virgo. Usually, you’re the single mom who has everything locked down. Your organizational skills are unmatched, especially when it comes to your money. However, your tax season may not go according to plan due to the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Something may come up that could skew your financial planning. Your refund might be less than what you expect, or you could even owe some money. Since this might cause tension, you should think about meeting with an advisor to alleviate your financial stressors.

Libra Rising/Sun

New commitments are off the table this month, Libra. Forget your people pleasing ways once Mercury retrograde begins. You might be tempted to do something new at work, with your kids, or in love. But it might be better to focus on your current arrangements and relationships since Mercury retrograde will encourage you to reflect before starting fresh. But if something or someone seems too good to pass up, then make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Don’t let the retrograde skew your judgment throughout this next month!

Scorpio Rising/Sun

Take a deep breath, Scorpio. You may feel like you’ve hit the ground running since April will be one crazy month thanks to Mercury retrograde. Everyday life might become more chaotic. You may miss something important at work, or have last-minute stuff to help your kiddos with. The pressure could mount, especially in single motherhood. If you want to avoid feeling burnt out, then you may want to call up your family and friends for some extra support. Let other people step in and help you out if needed.

Sagittarius Rising/Sun

Is there an ex you want to reconnect with, Sagittarius? April might be dramatic thanks to the upcoming Mercury retrograde! You might be wondering about a special someone more than usual. Maybe it’s manifestation, maybe it’s Mercury retrograde, but they could very well reach out. Then again, you might be the ex who breaks no contact first! Think about whether or not it's right to rekindle the romance with everything else going on. After all, being single isn’t so bad. You may have to put your needs and your family first before letting your ex back in.

Capricorn Rising/Sun

Family matters may seem larger than life this month. In single motherhood, you’re the one your kids depend on for everything. So, this could be a lot to mentally and emotionally handle, especially with Mercury retrograde coming up. You might run into more miscommunication than usual like your kiddos forgetting to tell you important things or having to handle more than usual disagreements with your co-parent. If you want to avoid some of this chaos, it might be time to discuss your communication expectations with your kids and family members.

Aquarius Rising/Sun

What could you possibly say? The upcoming Mercury retrograde will be a doozy, so get ready! Getting your point across at work and home might be challenging. You may mishear something at work that could cause some issues with your responsibilities. It could also be tough to talk with your kids, especially in high-stress moments. You might be sick of people not listening to you and having to repeat yourself. Instead of blowing up, take a deep breath. You have the patience to handle the blow ups, debates, and miscommunication.

Pisces Rising/Sun

Financial struggles might come up. Since Mercury retrograde will dominate most of April, you might experience more financial stressors and strains. There could mean unexpected expenses related to the kids, like sports or extracurriculars. You might also find that your usual expenses have gone up. Given that this month could be financially stressful, you may need to devise a budget early on. Keeping an eye on your budget could help you plan better around handling your monthly expenses, especially with a single income. It could alleviate the stress of those unexpected expenses this month!