What are your goals for the week? I’ll start with mine.

This weekend, my kids were with their dads, and I took full advantage of some much-needed R&R. I spent my entire Saturday in bed, only getting up to see my daughter off, eat, and use the bathroom—TMI? I can’t express how much I needed a day to do absolutely nothing, including giving myself grace and permission not to clean. My house is a mess. Cleaning is high on my list of goals for the week. Before getting into that, here are a few things that brought me joy this weekend...

I watched this 2016 rom-com that was recently added to Netflix, ‘How to be Single,’ and thought it was pretty cute. I love a good rom-com, and the storyline felt right on time because I’m probably more at peace with being single now than I’ve ever been.

I’m putting together our biggest proposal to date to launch programming here at CoTripper. Although it’s intense, and I faceplant in my bed daily due to overwhelm and stress, you guys are in for a treat. Be the first to know when programs drop by joining our newly launched community.

The weather has been terrible for gardening, a hobby I picked up last year after purchasing my first home. Read our article on hobbies, it’s a good one. To compensate for the rain preventing me from getting the garden started, I created this wishlist of random things related to gardening that made me feel good.

Ok now let’s get into this week’s goals… 

Small goal— take 10-minute screen-time breaks after 2 hours of consecutive screen time. Working from home and being an entrepreneur means I’m online for hours on end. I'm aiming to convert this from a weekly goal to a daily habit, taking baby steps.

Big goal— complete cost projections for CoTripper’s flagship programs, I mentioned this earlier. This is my stretch goal this week and it’ll definitely be a challenge to complete. I’ve never worked on a proposal of this magnitude before, so I’ll have to get creative and tap into my network to hit this one.

Personal goal— complete operation spring cleaning. Clean and organize one room daily this week until the entire house is done. Grouping the kids' bedrooms, living and dining, kitchen, and bathrooms, plus my room (which needs its own day), and the basement. Based on this breakdown, it’s 5 days of work with time to spare. I believe I can do it, I’ve got this!

Family goal—  quality time on the calendar, seems simple but the 'on the calendar' part is where it gets tricky. The goal is for everyone to be present, with no phones and no work, just us connecting. Luckily, the kids are out of school Wednesday, so I grabbed us tickets to the National Museum of African American History and Culture to meet our quality time goal this week.

That’s it for me! Drop your goals for the week in the comments. I’d love to know what you're aiming for this week. Meet me here next Sunday with new, or slightly modified, goals for the week. xx

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