Juggling single mom life and finding time to connect with your kids can be tough, right? Creating dope memories at home doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive. Here is a list of easy, low-key ideas to help you and the kids bond and enjoy quality time without leaving home.

Cook Together

Involve your kids in meal preparation. Let them choose recipes, mix ingredients, set the table, or choose desert! Cooking together can strengthen your bond and it also teaches valuable life skills. We wrote a complete article on meal prep that dives deeper into the importance of cooking together.

Family Movie Night

Pick a movie everyone enjoys, make some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch for a cozy movie night. Rotate movie selections to accommodate everyone's preferences. Stress the importance of being open and present to watching each other’s movie night selections 

Reading Hour 

Set aside time each week for an hour of reading together as a family. Allow your kids to choose their favorite book and cozy up in the living room for dedicated time to read as a family. For younger kids, break the hour down into 15 or 30 minute increments of reading aloud with them. It's a simple yet effective way to promote literacy and closeness.

Creative Days

Gather art supplies and put down electronics to embark on a day to get creative as a family. Share your creative interests with each other like painting or drawing, DIY projects, photography, or playing instruments. Let imaginations go wild and build confidence in trying new things.

Game Nights

Pull out your favorite games and have a family game night. There’s nothing like an opportunity for friendly family competition. Don’t go easy on your kids, games can be great teachable moments for dealing with unfavorable outcomes. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but game night keeps you playing.  

Make a Playlist

Make a family playlist and vibe out to your favorite tunes on weekend mornings. Use the time to let loose as a family and appreciate each other's taste in music. It's a carefree way to relieve stress and have fun together. Karaoke is also a dope alternative to bond over music. 

Get Outdoorsy 

Whether it's a walk around the neighborhood or nearby trail, a bike ride, or just hanging out in the backyard, getting outside is a refreshing change of pace. It's a great way to ground your family and support an active and healthy lifestyle. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity for candid photos so capture or document the moment!

Family and Friends Night 

Turn the vibe up a notch by throwing a hangout for family and friends at home. Think epic potluck where everyone brings their signature dish, or a themed night where everyone wears their most creative get-up. It’ll teach your kids social skills, plus, it's the perfect way to fill your home with laughter, good eats, and all the feels. 

Don’t let quality bonding time with your kids slip through the cracks in single motherhood. Keep it simple and focus on unique activities that foster connection, fun, and love—the things that truly matter. These practical ideas can create lasting memories and significantly enhance your connectedness as a family.

How did we do? Did we miss anything? Share how you spend quality time with your kids, or let us know which activity resonated with you most, in the comments.